Monday, October 17, 2016

How to Start Secret Conversations on Facebook Messenger

If you are looking for ways to start a secret conversation on Facebook Messenger with your friends, then you are at the right place.
In this article, I am going to tell you about Facebook Messenger's new end-to-end encrypted chat feature, dubbed "Secret Conversations," but before that, know why do you need your chats to be end-to-end encrypted?

Your online privacy is under threat not only from online marketers and hackers but also from governments. Just yesterday, it was revealed that Yahoo secretly built hacking tool to scan all of its customers' incoming emails for US intelligence officials.

So, to hide your personal life online from prying eyes, you need end-to-end encryption that allows you to send and receive messages in a way that no one, including the feds with a warrant, hackers and not even the company itself, can intercept or read them.

Last year, WhatsApp became the largest end-to-end encrypted messaging network in history by rolling out another layer of security to its billion users, and now Facebook has finally rolled out end-to-end encryption Secret Conversations feature for its 900 million users of Facebook Messenger.

Android Banking Trojan Tricks Victims into Submitting Selfie Holding their ID Card

While some payment card companies like Mastercard have switched to selfies as an alternative to passwords when verifying IDs for online payments, hackers have already started taking advantage of this new security verification methods.

Researchers have discovered a new Android banking Trojan that masquerades primarily as a video plugin, like Adobe Flash Player, pornographic app, or video codec, and asks victims to send a selfie holding their ID card, according to a blog post published by McAfee.

The Trojan is the most recent version of Acecard that has been labeled as one of the most dangerous Android banking Trojans known today, according to Kaspersky Lab Anti-malware Research Team.

Once successfully installed, the trojan asks users for a number of device's permissions to execute the malicious code and then waits for victims to open apps, specifically those where it would make sense to request payment card information.

Acecard Steals your Payment Card and Real ID details

The banking trojan then overlays itself on top of the legitimate app where it proceeds to ask users for their payment card number and card details such as card holder's name, expiration date, and CVV number.

"It displays its own window over the legitimate app, asking for your credit card details," explains McAfee researcher Bruce Snell. "After validating the card number, it goes on to ask for additional information such as the 4-digit number on the back."

Once this is done, the trojan then looks to obtain users' personal information, including their name, date of birth, mailing address, for "verification purposes," and even requests a photo of the front and back sides of their ID card.

After this, the Trojan also prompts to ask users to hold their ID card in their hand, underneath their face, and take a selfie


Hackers can make illegal Transfers and Take Over your Online Accounts

All these pieces of information are more than enough for an attacker to verify illegal banking transactions and steal access to victims' social media accounts by confirming the stolen identities.

So far this version of Acecard Android banking Trojan has impacted users in Singapore and Hong Kong.

This social engineering trick of Trojan obviously is not new, and any tech-savvy users would quickly catch this malicious behavior as there is no reason for Google to ask for your ID card. But the trick still works with non and less technical users.

Since all of these fake apps have been distributed outside of Google Play Store, users are strongly advised to avoid downloading and installing apps from untrusted sources. Besides this, users should pay attention to the permissions apps are asking for.

Most importantly: No app needs a photo of you holding your ID card except perhaps a mobile banking service. So, always be cautious before doing that.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

How to Convert PDF Files without a Desktop Software

In a world where technology reigns supreme, so many things in our lives are simplified by it, but there are some aspects that remain rather complicated. For those of us who deal with it on a daily basis, it’s necessary to have a deep understanding of these technological issues, in order to enhance our knowledge levels and overcome problems with ease, and of course, in as little time as possible.

One of the tech things that often confuse people are PDF files, or more precisely how to edit PDFs. This format is renowned world-wide as a standard for sharing different business documents, because of their capability to be viewed on every operating system and device exactly as they were created, which is a unique value among file formats. For this reason many programs have an option to create a PDF from another file type, thus making it ideal for sending.

Friday, October 14, 2016

How to Exchange or Refund your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Singapore

Samsung warns consumers with either an original Galaxy Note7 or replacement Galaxy Note7 to power down and stop using the device immediately, and take advantage of the exchange and refund options, regardless if they purchased their original device from telecommunication operators, consumer electronics stores, authorized retailers, Samsung Official Store at or Samsung Experience Stores.

"My Galaxy Note7 is working fine, can I continue using it?"

As highlighted above, Samsung recommends not using the device any further. Further to that, the phone's warranty will not be applicable (which is logical considering the circumstances) and there will not be any software updates for the device.

What are your options?

Galaxy Note7 customers can choose to either exchange their device for a Galaxy S7 edge, and receive cash and other benefits which will be confirmed shortly, or to receive a refund. Samsung is also reportedly working out a resolution for Galaxy Note7 customers with Samsung original Galaxy Note7 accessories. Details will be announced soon.

How to get your exchange or refund

Starting on 26th October 2016, Galaxy Note7 customers can visit to select their preference for exchange or refund, and provide their details for a free home delivery. The free home delivery is offered whether the Galaxy Note7 customer chooses an exchange or a refund.

Exchange customers can select their preferred color for the Galaxy S7 edge, subject to availability. Samsung Concierge customers who opt for an exchange will have their Samsung Concierge program transferred to the Galaxy S7 edge and those who opt for refund on their Galaxy Note7 will receive a refund of $38 for their Samsung Concierge.

Customers will need to provide the following details when logging in to arrange for an exchange or a refund:-
Full name as per bank account
NRIC or FIN number
Mobile contact
Email address
Home delivery address

All Galaxy Note7 customers are required to back up their data using Samsung Smart Switch (, delete any data or other personal material stored in the device, and reset their device ahead of the home delivery. Customers will receive a cheque for the amount due to them, depending on their selection of the exchange or refund option, in exchange for the Galaxy Note7 device to be returned.

Samsung's full FAQ on the Note7's exchange and refund matters at the time of reporting can be found here.

For more information or further assistance, consumers can visit or call 1800-SAMSUNG (7267864).

“We are deeply sorry for the disappointment and frustration the Galaxy Note7 issue may have caused our customers and partners. Our focus now is to reduce further inconvenience to our customers who have trusted and waited for the Galaxy Note7,” said Eugene Goh, Vice President, IT & Mobile, Samsung Electronics Singapore.
What if you bought a Galaxy Note7 via a telco contract?

Now this is a question we're getting aplenty across our feedback channels - how will the exchange/refund work if you've bought a Galaxy Note7 through M1/Singtel/StarHub telco contractual plans?

At this point of time, we reckon that telcos would like to keep it as simple as possible and let Samsung handle all phone exchange and refund matters.

After all, you've signed on for a phone line contract where you've also opted to obtain a phone for a subsidized rate - whether you keep the phone or pass it on to someone else or sell it off, frankly it doesn't matter to anyone thereafter. As long as you don't cancel the phone line, there are no concerns for the telco and neither will it be a problem for you.

You only need a different phone and Samsung is facilitating that via an exchange or a refund option. While we don't have the full refund details at this point of time, it should likely be sufficient for you to purchase any other smartphone in the market (considering the Note7's retail price).

As of 14th October, 6.25pm, here's what StarHub has to update us:-

"Starting 26 October 2016, our Galaxy Note7 customers will be able to visit Samsung’s website at, to select their preference for exchange or refund. We understand Samsung is still working out the finer details for both exchange and refund, and they will announce details soon."

This statement sort of confirms our opinion above that Samsung will likely take care of all phone exchange or refund options for current Note7 owners, regardless of your official purchase channels.

Stay tuned for more updates from Samsung and other telco partners on the finer details - we'll be updating the story as soon as we get wind of more information

Get Google Assistant in Any Android Phone

Google Assistant is a smart service that is Google's answer to Amazon's Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana and Apple's Siri. However, so far, the technology will be officially rolled out only to the recently unveiled Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones of Google.
Fortunately, for Android smartphone users who really want to have Google Assistant in their devices, there are a couple of ways to do so. Unfortunately, one method will require the smartphone to be rooted, along with a bit of knowledge on hacking and programming for both ways.
The methods are being discussed in a thread on the XDA Developers forum, with the requirements for the processes being an Android smartphone running on Android 7.0 Nougat or higher, the latest version of the Google app at or later, and tweaks to be made to the build.prop file.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Grab Offer Customers to Ride on Tesla Model S: The World First Advanced All Electrical Cars!

In collaboration with Green Tech, Grab now is offering customers the chance to be one of the first Malaysians to ride one of the world’s most advanced all-electric cars, the Tesla Model S.
Customers can enjoy this thrilling ride by booking it with your debit/credit card for only RM 15. Due to the limited number of Tesla Model S cars available in the country, so keep an eye out for it at selected locations from 10am to 6pm as below:

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Mazda Brings in More Refined 2017 Mazda3

Okay, so here’s another case of a great car managing to miss the limelight at the Philippine International Motor Show. At the Mazda pavilion, all eyes are focused solely on the all-new CX-3; and rightfully so, it’s stylish, it’s got all-wheel drive, and it’s a crossover—a hot segment in the market today. But just behind the CX-3 is the 2017 Mazda3.

We’ve extensively covered the 2017 Mazda3 before as well as its key feature, the G-Vectoring Control system. But now, we have specs, variants, and pricing of Mazda’s award-winning compact sedan.